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learn how to protect yourself now

As seen on Channel 9 news, Samuel Scott is on an unstoppable mission to teach women how to protect themselves from today’s vicious predators. After 15 years of working as a Corrections Officer, he knows what the predator looks for in his victims Let him and his team of instructors show you how to avoid becoming his next victim.


The days of putting it off or making excuses are over!
As the economy worsens, the greater your chances of being attacked!

don't be caught unprepared


  • January 2009 – Mother and daughter shot to death in their home in Kettering, MD
  • March 2009 – Mother and daughter asphyxiated in their home in Kettering, MD
  • May 2009 – Pregnant 19 year-old attacked and killed by boyfriend in Forestville, MD
  • May 2009 – Woman raped at knife-point during home invasion in Manassas, VA
  • Teen sexually assaulted while walking down the street in Largo.

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View this 2min video and see how we’re helping women stay safe during these dangerous times.


This was a very informative class. The techniques were very easy to learn. I would definitely refer others to attend this seminar.- Perine Brown

The course of instruction was very valuable for all ages. I recommend this training which is very easy to learn for our senior citizens.- Zora Hamlin
LT Col Prince Georges Dept of Corrections

On behalf of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc, I would like to express my appreciation to you for the Self Defense training workshop you hosted for our fall retreat. We found your techniques to avoid becoming victims of crime as well as how to defend yourself invaluable. We learned so much and enjoyed ourselves in the process. Thank you for caring.- L. Germaine Cheatham
Director of Admissions Delaware State University

On behalf of the employees of Hewlett-Packard company, I express my sincere gratitude for a wonderful self defense seminar.The techniques you should us were all techniques that we could use in a real life situation.The defense against grabs and choke holds escapes were especially effective and easy to learn.I believe we were all surprised just how easy it really is to defend yourself.Keep up the great work!. -Charlene McCrary

The techniques you showed us in your seminar actually saved my life! I was attacked at night in the parking lot of a grocery store and used the "key chain" weapon, you showed us how to use, to fight my attacker off.I highly recommend this program for all women.Thank you for your priceless lesson on personal safety.- Benita Gardner

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Look at these startling Statistics: :-
  • 1 in 3 women will be a victim of an assault
  • 70% of all attacks on women are done without a weapon
  • 68% of rapes occur by someone the victims knows
  • Most assaults occur in or near a victims’ bed
  • The preferred weapon of a rapist is a knife
  • 63% of rapes take place between 6pm and 6am
  • Nearly 1/3 of Americans (31%) reported being physically abused or sexually abused by a husband or boyfriend
  • It is estimated that 503,485 women are stalked by an intimate partner each year in the U.S.

This free course is designed to give you the basic knowledge and techniques to avoid being stalked. In this course, you will learn some amazingly simple techniques to help you defend yourself.

  • Defense against grabs
  • Chokehold escapes
  • Rape defense
  • Stun and escape
  • And much, much more

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Don’t wait until violence knocks on you door… Register now for this free class and be instantly empowered and prepared!

Remember, “When thunder strikes, it’s too late to cover your ears.

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Location1: 9000 Edgedworth Dr, Capitol Hgts, MD
Location2: 10835 Lanham Severn rd, Glenn Dale, Md 20769. Hurry, space is limited…..Register Now!!! Note: This is a community service, no obligation to continue.